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Jenny's parents arrived yesterday. We all piled out to the Urban BBQ for dinner. For those in the Rockville-ish area, DEFINITELY make it out to the Urban BBQ. It's behind the shopping center with the Fridays/OfficeDepot. It's nowhere sensical, but it does good business.

On Saturday, we visited Brookside Gardens. I hauled my camera with me. I used my 50mm prime and my Tamron 75-300 to snap pics. This year, the whole run was in RAW. I haven't sorted through them yet.

Following the butterflies was a visit to Wheaton Region Park, where Hers Truly rode the carosel, we had a picnic, then rode the train.

Lately, Hers Truly has been obsessed with looking up pictures. She most-especially likes looking up planes. However, she won't use my laptop for this. The laptop is for watching videos. My downstairs computer is for looking at pictures.

The potty front continues well. We haven't had an uncheduled miss in the last two days. As for the scheduled misses, nap times have been dry, but nights have not. We recognize that nights are the toughest hurdle. Her sticker chart is getting quite full of stickers.

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