Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More Shed

The gutters and the trim have now come off the shed. There's more yuk there, too.

This project grows more difficult as time passes. It's like this annoying hard puzzle where every move is a bad move.

We're getting the house ready for the in-laws, who are coming down for the weekend.

Potty is going OK. We have our hits and misses. When Hers Truly goes potty, she gets stickers, AND she gets to call daddy on the phone.

Cleaning up reminds me that I haven't sold-off squat lately. I need to rectify that. Lately, things have been walked out to the curb and left for the gnomes to take away. These things might sell, but they just aren't worth the effort. Better to curb-cycle them.

Recent examples included a 10 year old car stereo (had drive trouble, one speaker flakey), an old swivel chair (which even the cat ignored), and a UPS with no battery.

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