Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

War of the Shed

The attack on the shed continues.

The bottom of the boards is shot. There's rot between 1"-3" on each board. For 3/4 of the shed, this is the extent of the rot. I'll will strip these sides, fill the gaps, then repaint. Since they are in such good shape, a good scrape, some latex filled, and some sanding should do well enough, followed up with primer and paint.

All the edges need some type of epoxy. That's where the worst rot is.

To keep this project rolling, whenever it is my turn for dishes, I work on the shed while it is light, then work on the dishes.

The near-term goal is removing all the trim. I'm almost done that. All that remains is yanking the gutters off and the last roof trim.

I need to strip paint ASAP as well, as those areas need to dry out in the summer heat.

I may wind up working back to front, as I can complete the back portions faster than I can complete the front portion.

After all that is done, I need to build a new front door to the shed.

Why don't I just replace boards? Cost, really. My bet is that we can keep the cost way down if we salvage as much as possible. Hopefully the fun chemicals all cost less than the replacements.

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