Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


As any father, I compare my daughter to the other children that I see.

One particularly fascinating comparison is between her and my great niece, who were born about a year apart.  That lets me compare them directly against each other. The differences are quite strong.

Last year at this time, Hers Truly was full-tilt into the naked romp and signing up a storm. She had just started using her words. How active and engaging she was. Even around family, she was quite the romper.

I don't see the same in my niece. Part of that is just personality.

On the other hand, Hers Truly is not like Xpioti's little wonder who loved dashing between swinging swings. I just don't see Hers Truly doing that.

You get so used to your own, and what your own does, that somebody else's child is just so ... DIFFERENT!!!

I can see how people love being child psychologists. They are so danged interesting.

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