Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Today, I take care of Hers Truly. Sunday, it's MONSTER SLAYING TIME.

I should be taking over the D&D game again. I'll switch us back to 4th. We'll continue Keep on the Shadowfell. I'm rewriting the characters into Lord of the Rings style character and plopping the whole thing into the Lord of the Rings setting. I'm doing this partly as an experiment, partly to ensure that all the setup work happens smoothly, but mostly to ensure that everyone knows what the setting is.

I would love to set a game in Endhaven, but as long as we have the current group, Endhaven is not a good match.

I'm avoiding shed work. I'm fairly certain that I will order some fake wood to layer on top of the existing wood. That greatly simplifies the whole shed project. There's still lots of work, though. There's a reason that I've been avoiding the shed.

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