Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The shed is in mighty poor shape. The front is shot. Many side boards are rotted. The whole thing is a poster child for non-standard construction.

What to do, and how much to do it? I really don't know. I need to estimate just how much work I'm willing to do. However, I can't pay anyone to do it, as that would add up to too much. I may as well buy a shed at that price range.

  • I got around to many household chores.
  • I changed the bathtub spigot. Less loud than the old spigot and moves water better. Still doesn't release from the shower correctly.
  • I changed the showerhead for a lower flow one. It gets voted off the island.
  • I replaced two screens. I worked with aluminum and it ripped my fingers apart. Getting that bead into the track was awful.  Next time, I use black nylon. It looks better and replaces easier.
  • I still haven't bagged all the sticks in the yard. Must be done sometime. Whenever.

Jenny and I finished up Frontier House. An interesting show with some noteworthy personalities. That has driven discussion here for a few days. Next documentary is likely The War.


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