Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Thursday, we did dinner at an English place which started out as a dessert and coffee bar. Oh yeah, always get dessert at a restaurant which started as a dessert and coffee bar. I count my blessings that this place is six hours away.

Jenny and Hers Truly visited the Toy Museum.

We are now home again after a long day on the road. Hers Truly is just an AMAZINGLY good traveler. We had very few issues with unhappiness, which were usually fixed by a good break and a bit of food.

We slammed as much work done as possible, then slammed into bed. OK, I slammed into bed, but the wife continued typing like a maniac trying to hit the deadline for her writer's group.

Herr Pissy Cat was talked to us briefly, then went outside.

This morning, I've got the waffles almost ready to go when the girls wake up. Just mix the wet and try, and go.

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