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A few bucks less

After work today, I dropped off to get a new set of tires and an alignment. All told damage, $635. I know that sounds like much, but it's only 1.5 car payments. Considering that I have made 0 car payments since May, 2001, this situation does not bother me. So I now have a new set of Dunlops rated at 80k miles (premium tired, dude). The car handles nicer. I hope that she handles sweetly again going around turns, rather than sliding around turns. I won't really know how well she likes the new shoes for a few days.

Since it is still overcast, there is no floor finishing for me.

The movie last night for Spagetti Night was "The Time Machine." The trailer did not appeal to me when I first saw it. Now that I have seen the fim, I know for a fact that this is not a film that I wanted to see. I really don't know where to begin. I don't think that I want to begin. In hindsight, I didn't want the film crew to begin at all. This film makes me long for the days when film makers bought the rights for films, then threw out the stories and made a watchable film.

I located the rock version of the Lord's Prayer a few days ago. That threw me into the way-back machine. I don't think that tune's broken the airwaves since 1974. (Am I showing my age?) It makes me remember when "Wildfire" was a new song on the radio. I had a modern, red LED clock with a radio and TV tuner. That song was a summer song, I think. I remember hot nights by the window. We had a whole house fan which could never keep up with a Maryland summer.

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