Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Living in Oblivion

I've been playing Oblivion recently. It's a terrific game in some respects, and tedious in others.

I remember when the game came out. "Nobody can run these graphics!" was the main complaint. These days, my cheapo Nvidia runs these graphics with ease. The results are quite the pretty game. The landscape is quite stunning. The weather effects are gorgeous.

Combat does not work quite so well. Try as I might, I just can't get the new, twitchy combat paradigm. Most fights are difficult. Two-against-one fights are suicidal, even when you can handle both opponents easily.

I am playing the game in "ignoramus" mode. I am not looking at any faqs or walkthroughs of the game. I don't want to play this game that way. I want to go through it making mistakes as often as possible. I find it far more enjoyable to discover and develop. I like sandbox games for this reason.

The automatic leveling of creatures bothers me a bit. On the good side, it solves a significant issue of all open-ended games where you want the challenges to challening, no matter which direction you take your character. On the down side, as you level up and get better equipment, so do your opponents, so you never get that feeling of getting ahead. If fact, you effectively get the Red Queen dilemma, as you must hurry just to stand still. You also get the dilemma where fights that kick your behind kick it over many levels, even after new equipment.

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