Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The weekend went well. I am now back at work.

I spend Sunday morning assembling a new rolling cabinet for the kitchen. The thing was a monster. I spent about four hours getting the thing together while Jenny and the little jackdaw were at church. On Sunday evening, we went to a pot luck.

I ordered my new car receiver from Crutchfield. It replaces my current receiver (8 years old), which is now getting mechanical failures on the CD player. The new guy will play flash drives and also take a mini-jack input. Just as cool, it will have a dial for volume. YAY. Also cool will be HD radio, which is also counts as uncool. It seems that you can't turn on/off digital, depending on what's best, so if you are in a spotty area, your radio constantly switches. That's a problem that all the digital tuners share. I'm skipping any bluetooth coolness.

After that, I may replace my speakers again. The current "new" set isn't so great.

Also in my purchasing list is a new LCD for the MacBook. You can buy replacement screens which look better for $100-200, which is far cheaper than a new MacBook. I'm also filling up the hard drive, so I'll need a larger one of those, too.


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