Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The Little Girl will see her grandparents this weekend.

We will go to see Coraline: The Musical, with music by Stephen Merritt, on of my favorite songwriters.

I've been banging away at Oblivion. The good news is that it plays like an Elder Scrolls game. It's a fun sandbox. The bad news is that it plays like an Elder Scrolls game. I spent most of last night fighting trolls, dying, and reloading, until I concluded that I was not high enough level to get into this adventure which did not let you back out until you succeeded. I lost most of the night's gameplay.

Sometimes in those Elder Scroll games, you just hit these places where you smack against a wall of RELOAD over and over.

Won't be much game playing over the weekend. I'll be too busy. That's a good thing.

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