Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I picked up Oblivion on the way home. The uber edition with everything for $20.

As if to punish me, the universe tossed a traffic snarl my way. There was a water main break in the WORST place for me to get  home. The trouble is that place is the WORST for more people than I can count. 20-30 minute commute turned into 100 minute commute.

I got Oblivion working under wine, but it froze randomly. Let's hope the that the new fanless video card solves that issue. It's an NVidia 9400 with 512mb RAM.

In the meantime, I tweaked my wine until it broke broke broke.

Part of what spurred me to Oblivion was Guild Wars. I tried out Guild Wars. It's a perfectly fine game. The problem is that there are OTHER PEOPLE playing that game. As long as they are cool, I'm fine. The trouble is, they aren't all cool, the obnoxious are omnipresent, and I just don't want to deal. I'd rather play in my own sandbox, thank you.

Well, Jen has a writer's group coming up. I still need to review my newly taken photos. I've got other chores as well. And the weekend commeth, which means the chores start all over. With the forecasted rain, I won't be able to do the lawn, which is annoying.

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