Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Photography Update

A quick update on the photography.

I'm still not on iStockphoto. They rejected yet another picture due to lighting. They're smoking crack on that one. Did the approve not get laid that day or what? It's another two week wait before I can submit one more picture.

Since I've gotten two lighting issues in a row, I am looking at my display setup which has "issues."

My monitor is not calibrated. That needs to happen. That would help. However, even calibrated, my monitor does not have a good contrast ratio. It may not even have a good color depth. I can't find out much about the monitor as it was manufactured in 2002 and there are very few reviews on this monitor out there. It will get replaced. I can replace with just about anything and get a better color depth and view angle. The trick is to replace it with something more appropriate. The more appropriate, the more $$$. $1-2k for a pro model.

So, add in another expense, along with lights and Photoshop.

The different issue that I have is that I have not photographed anything that I consider stock for the last two months. This whole stock thing is very elusive for me. In many ways, stock photography leans away from my strengths and interests. I stopped photographing inanimate objects because things were boring. I've tuned my kit to capture people in natural or low-light. You can get some amazing pics that way, but those pics are definitely NOT stock.

I'll keep poking away at this thing. One thing is certain, the monitor thing must happen one way or another.

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