Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Beating the Storm

I raced the rain last night, finishing the lawn before the rains came.

Since it was raining, the cat stayed in. That meant that my ambitions were severely curtailed. I did get all our spending numbers for the last year, as well as my new gross pay numbers. I updated the money allocations so that we should stop running out of money in our debit card account. (We aren't being sloppy. We just never properly accounted for the term life insurance payments.)

Following that, I watched "Beach Blanket Bingo." That movie worked exactly like a game of <i>Teenagers from Outer Space</i>. Wow. It was an interesting view into an era when everyone was young and comedy was cheap. It was a fun film for the first half-hour, then descended into tediousness. I guess that left the kids a little bored in the drive in, which only lead to necking.

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