Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sunday Wrapup

Mother's Day went well. I delivered Jen her mother's day song. Her picture with Hers Truly is on the downstairs PC.

I finally got the updated NVidia drivers working on the computer. I goofed off with a trial of Guild Wars. I'm getting lots of flickering, but not the black flickering, because I fixed that already. I'm leaning towards dedicated video card. Wallet says I'm no-good dreamer. I need to hold on money for New York and a few other trips.

Half the lawn fell to the might of the Electric Thing That Creates Green Mulch. I'll finish the back lawn in the next few days.

The D&D game went well enough. We crawled through two more awful and tedious fights against critters which pop with acid when they are done. *SIGH* I am so done with that. Of equal important, the last event flipped us out of our frying pan and into the fire. Here's hoping that we don't TPK. We're playing Savage Tide, which is meant to be a challenge for hard-core 3.5 players. We aren't hardcore. We're using seven characters in four character rated fights and getting our behinds handed to us.

Whatever happened to fighting orcs, looting their possessions, and burning their villages to the ground? You know, something wholesome?

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