Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

On Stools and Chairs

We have stools and chairs placed strategically about the house. Early on, Hers Truly was a climber, and it seemed more reasonable to make the climbing safer. That way, she could also get up and down if she wanted.

The most important location was the crib. Once we learned that she could climb in and out, it only made sense to make it safe. That chair also doubles as our book table for reading. In the mornings, I often just open up the crib and let her climb out.

We have a small chair next to the cabinet in front of the front window. She likes to climb up to watch me leave in the morning.

She access the side window by climbing the sofa.

She looks out back by moving a kitchen stool to the kitchen window. She also uses that stool to stand and eat her breakfast at the counter. Yes, she is already learning how to be single and eat her meals standing at the kitchen counter.

She rarely look out her bedroom window. She really needs you in the chair to get those extra few inches to reach the window.

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