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A Pleasant Saturday

I was supposed to go watch Anime on Saturday. I never made it out there. That morning, Jen called me on the phone. Jen! We haven't talked in three months or so. Anyhow, she was ice stormed out of going to NJ for her second Christmas, so she found herself with time.

First, she showed me her new apartment, next door to her old apartment. This one has a more southerly view. Her main reason for getting me over there was for color advice. Her landlord was letting her paint the place and she wanted the use of my eye. After that, we did some catching up, popped over to Home Depot to grab color swatches, grabbed some Indian food, and decided on some colors. We settled into some games after that, playing Cosmic Wimpout, some Surrealist Games, building a card house, and a few card games. (I haven't built a card house in ages and ages.) All in all, it was a good day.

I have missed my friend.

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