Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Update

The weekend happened, and boy, was it a hot one.

Right now, the girl is sleeping in, so we must have done something right.

On Friday, Jenny went off to babysit while I sat home and watched the Nutcracker.

On Saturday, I hung out with Joy. We went to Wheaton regional park and rode the carousel. She was too scared to ride a horse, but we did sit in the seat. She talked about that for the rest of the weekend.

Joy slept for two nights in a row. Yay. I don't know why she started waking and stopped waking, but I'll accept success.

Jenny finished getting the lasagna garden in. We got tomatoes, onions, and potatoes in. I also planted some cherry tomatoes along the fenceline. The wife has been going nuts swiping yard waste from all the neighbors. Gotta build those lasagna beds.

For the uninitiated, a lasagna garden is built in layers on top of the ground, no tilling required. Ingredients can include newspaper, cardboard boxes, leaves, grass clippings, etc. You then let this "cook down" for six months or so, then it's ready to plant. As we did not have six months, we used manure, leaf mold, mulch, and other such time saving devices.

The D&D game went smoothly. We had another new person try, as the other new people had to drop. I like this guy OK. My bard once again saved the party by virtual of being heavily armored and not dying. I think this is the third total-party kill that he has prevented.

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