Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Rolling into Weekend

We're rolling into the weekend. Jen is off to her writer's group on Saturday morning. I've got no real plans, except mow the lawn and plant a few tomatoes. Yard cleanup is easy this year. We've gone out with the girl often enough to pick up MOST of the sticks, so we are free of that marathon problem. I still need to recycle the stick pile.

Jenny is planning a full-fledged garden. That will be quite the project. Wish her luck. It's a raised bed and she's starting it for NEXT YEAR.

I've had too much cheese lately, and my stomach now hates me. "I don't like ANYTHING" it grumbles.

Having a grumpy tummy meant that I sat down last night and straightened out the last year's bills for storage. That's a good thing to get out of the way.

This morning, I hit the edge of my previous writing and kept going. I woke up early, so I got a good hour in. An hour is about how long I can concentrate on new writing. After that, I start flagging. Word count hovers around 37k.

My evening amusement is now LinCity-NG. I can do that one handed while the cat sleeps on my lap. I don't even need to fully understand the game. I can even fall asleep while the years run.

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