Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Easter Egg Hunt

We journeyed to Carol's yesterday so that my sisters and mom could take Jenny to tea. They were celebrating her 40th.

i hung about the house with dad, the girl, and the nephews. The girl ate nothing but junk. She's an M&M junkie! That wasn't hard to figure out I bet. We expected it.

I tested out the new 28mm lens in family situations. Oh, this works far better with a family group. I can now take pics across the table. I also finally learned how to set the aperature in manual mode. (That sounds silly, but the usability designers of my camera were INCOMPETENT.) Hopefully I wound up with some fun stuff.

My great niece is now walking.

We had an Easter egg hunt over at Karen and Eric's. Joy had a bit of trouble figuring out what to do. You see, she wanted to go play on the SWING, which was far more fun than that thing that mommy was talking about but that went straight out of her ears because there was a SWING. Eventually, she got the idea that she was looking for eggs and she was supposed to put them into her yellow bag.

Dinner was our favorite Tai place. It had been far too long. Amina Tai is the single best far eastern restaurant that I have ever eaten at. The prices are amazing as well.

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