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I caught Chicago tonight. It was a well produced, sound, enjoyable, entertaining musical. I do recomment seeing it, no matter how I tear it apart later.

The theatre itself was one of those old 60's theatres with the huge fucking screen, the footprint of a ballroom, and a forty foot ceiling. I remember seeing films in the Glen Burnie theatre, which was built like this. This theatre showed one film at a time, and only one film at a time.

The show was more crowded than I expected. For a 6:50 show on a Thursday night, the seating was near 1/2 capacity. Let me tell you, in case you don't know, that NOBODY goes to see a show at 6:50 on a Thursday, except a few die-hards like me. This adience buzzed with anticipation. Each and every person there was there to see a musical, from the nice old couple next to me (who had seen it on stage), to the college girls a few rows up. Everyone seemed anticipatory, chatting all through the previews. It wasn't just the eagerness that caught me, it was the warm eagerness that caught me. There was also quite the female turnout, as about 2/3 of the audience was women. Many were in female groups, with no men present. There were also quite a few senior groups a few rows back. That's impressive.

Myself, I had fun having NO CLUE about what the movie was about. I had no way of knowing that singing, dancing, murdering, jailhouse women would strut their way across the stage. (Chris F., are you taking notes?). I enjoyed letting the story unfold. I love letting go, and just letting the director take me where he will. Oh, and Lusting over Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn't bad, either.

Let's talk cinemetograpy. Nobody fucking knows how to use a wide screen anymore. Even with this musical, they failed. Sometimes they succeeded beautifully, but most of the time, they blocked for television. Shiiiiiit. What morons are the films schools producing these days? The film itself was a clean, but so-so print, missing the crispness that it should have. Everything seemed ever so slightly defocused. I do not think this was intentional.

Also, why isn't this film getting a wider release? If a sales department can't sell this film, then they deserve a public beating.

Go see Chicago.

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