Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Returning Equipment

I returned my Blackberry today. Yay, that's one less things that I need to carry on my belt.

I am tempted by an iPhone. Yeah, I know that I hate carrying this stuff, and I wouldn't use a tenth of its capabilities, but I am tempted. In my favor, the plan cost is enough to make any temptation moot. I have other nameless things (lenses) sucking down my money.

I went back again to look at phones today. The low-end phone range is now gutted. It is half of what it was before. The carriers are pushing those more complicated smartphones. Thank god for expensive data plans.

For those who don't know, cell phones have very short lifespans. They get revised or redesigned every six months. The phone that I bought my wife last November is unavailable today. So, when the phone market changes, the the landscape can change radically.

Here's my concern: all the companies have gone so strongly for the smartphone that I am concerned that they have saturated a market. I think that there is a good market there, but finitely so. Maybe they are banking on a continuous stream of kids getting phones, then churning through handsets fast as they go through college? And us old fogeys, who get complacent, aren't really a profitable segment of the market? Or are we ignored as we ARE a profitable section of the market, and the longer that we go between handsets, they more that they make? Aye, maybe that's the best theory that I've had all day.

Anyhow, I'm not the only one concerned. or this story.

And this quote from a research study. 

"The study found that a majority of mobile
users were unwilling to pay anything extra for data features, no matter what the price."

"Like the Jupiter study, Forrester
found that a majority of mobile users -- 55% -- were not willing to pay anything extra for
mobile data." (


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