Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Forgotten People

On Facebook, I've run into a few faces and names that haven't rung bells. I looked them up, but did not recognize them.

On simmering, I think that the yearbook was wrong. I've had faces flash back at me. It has taken a very long time indeed, but I've started getting a face, digging it up slowly. I knew tangental people by their faces.

I high school, I was quiet, shy, intense, and affable, all at the same time. I rarely knew what it was for people to make friends with me because almost no one did. You could get to know me, which is how most folks got to know me. I can't say if I did not make friends well because I could not see it, could not believe it, or it rarely happened. One factor against my favor was the popular opinion that I wasn't worth knowing. If you are shy and show little personality, people just conclude that you have little personality going for you. That's a social death sentence in high school.

Of course, I could get to know people, but oh, the anxiety. Meeting people was just too anxious and stressful.

These days, thankfully, most of that is far reduced. In my job, I can meet people with little issue. Socially, I can still get anxious and get anxious quickly. Adding people in facebook causes some anxiety. Making friends with enthusiasm with people that I get along with? I trip over myself like a Keystone Cops film.

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