Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Where Friends Wind Up

In Facebook, I pretty quickly connected back into the old high-school. I've not branched out entirely, but I am reminded that I know people.

Where does the chattiest girl in the class go? How about a mime? Cybele became Mimi the Mime at Renfaire. That woman had so much personality that she even bowls you over when she can't talk. That alotta personality. Craig, who liked computers and art, wound up doing CG for Disney, and now heads at art team for a computer game company. Lisa, who was going to save the world, is busy chaning the face of acupuncture with Working Man's Accupuncture, the world's quietest revolution.

I've been meaning to poke at where some folks have wound up. Sometime this year, I keep telling myself. Yeah, sometime.

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