Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly Year In Review

This time last year, Hers Truly was saying simple words, but picking up signs quickly. She was learning to potty and being very cooperative. We were now catching most of the worst stuff in the potty, and usually being left with wet diapers. She said simple words, like mama and dada. Things were just things. We were utterly dependent on applesauce to feed her. She adored her stuff jaguar. She'll climb on anything, often standing up in the window sills to look outside. Fortunately, she could only climb so well. She ate in her high chair, and she used some utensils.

Today, she is creating original phrases. She is walking with little trouble, and climbing fairly well. She can now handle ladders.

She continues having her same personality. We watched through the videos, and her personality still expresses itself quite the same. This young lady is mighty expressive.

Signs have fallen off. I just do not see her using signs any more. As she learned words faster than we could use signs, the signs just fell away.

Potty training took a blow earlier this year, and we have no quite recovered.

She eats many different foods now, although that's not nearly enough. We always give her what we are eating, and she usually ignores it.

Things can now DO things or BE thing. She is quite enchanted with cars. She loves her dollhouse.

She still loves her Jaguar Jaguar.

She has moved from a high-chair to a booster seat, but she still loves when she can get her OWN TRAY.

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