Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Today, as the girl napped, I took the opportunity to nap as well. When the cat saw me on the bed,he leaped with great enthusiasm to nap on me. I can think of no other creature besides a cat that "napping, leaping, and enthusiasm" go together without natural contradiction.

Hers Truly sometimes calls me "Daddy Cat." This follows a long-standing habit of my wife, who refers to us as mommy-cat and daddy-cat. We look after our little guy. Our little guy responds by looking favorably upon us in general, and myself in particular. I do not know what thing I should do to be higher in that cat's esteem. I truly am his Daddy Cat.

When other cats come into the yard, I take it upon myself to shoo them away. This demonstrates the basic feline tactic of "having a bigger friend than you don't," It is a very good tactic indeed. Other cats are afraid of your monkeys, giving you unrivaled control of a territory, unless the ungrateful wretches allow another cat in.

After I drive off the interloper, Squirrel usually comes out of hiding.

The little guy and the little girl are still asleep. I'm folding laundry. Jenny has run off to write.

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