Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I couldn't sleep, so I watched the next BSG instead.

We went up to my neice's first birthday party yesterday. It was highly successful. Hers Truly was very well behaved, and charmed many.

It was interesting comparing Hers Truly to The Niece at the same age. Hers Truly had far more hair. She was also signing quite a deal. I would also say that she was far more interactive with the people around her. I think the biggest difference was the the niece is still baby-like in her proportions, where Hers Truly lost those pounds earlier on and looked more toddler like.

Language is one of those things that Hers Truly lives on the forward edge. This weekend, we got many more observations that she has a very good vocabulary.

Straws still escape her. She can use a straw on a sealed cup, but if you give her a paper straw, she bites it and can't make it work. No, that makes no sense.

The girl finally figured out that she can drag the stool to a different room to access high things. *Sigh* Mommy was on my laptop, and Joy wanted to be there with her, so she brought in the stool to the high place where I keep the laptop. After being there for several minutes, she realized that her nunnies (pacifiers) were right there, in the drawer. So, certain strategic objects have been moved even higher.

She is not allowed to self-service nunnies. Or as she says, "no service nunnies."

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