Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Life with a Two Year Old

Life with a two-year old is certainly interesting. These days, the girl wants to see and know everything. So, when it comes to going potty, somebody will open the door behind me and want in. If that's what it takes for the tot to learn that EVERYONE goes potty, and the potty is where you go, then that's what it takes.

Strange how that becomes normal so fast.

She often wanders in while I am taking a shower in the morning. I am told that I am taking a shower multiple times. She'll then occupy herself with something in the room. Eventually Jenny rescues me, but it's really not that necessary.

Going to bed is just as interesting. Life starts with a mention of bath. Bath went from BEST THING EVER, to NO BATH, and now it's back to being cool again. She'll play for a while, then get out and want her cookie. Somewhere during the cookie, she wants the bath again, so she'll shove the cookie into my mouth to get done with it. After bath comes "back to bed", which is just lots of romping around on our big bed. At 7:30, it become jammie time, then reading time, then bed. Lately, Hers Truly has been tired, so she has just been happily agreeing to or suggesting bed. I think our addition of a nigh-light helped, as she can see once she is in there. It's not much, but it is enough to play with things.

Eating is its own strange business. I never know which items will leave my plate, which items will be placed on my plate, or what will be shoved into my mouth. Dinner usually ends with the traditional flinging of things down onto the ground, whether they be food or spoons.

The girl is quite engrossed with playing with the cat. I do my best to keep the cat from being poked to death, or whacked to death, but by the same means, do my best to keep the cat from going all Rambo on the girl. Somehow, the two actually manage some degree of play.

The girl is continuously finding things. This morning, she found the hard candy stash that we had forgotten about. Lollipops for breakfast? Only today, thank you.

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