Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

More on the Top 100

I did a bit more looking into the Billboard Top 100 over the last twenty years.

From about 90-95, I heared 80% of the music and reasonably like most of it. The only things I don't like are in-your-face rap and the prefab groups.

From 96-99, the prevalence of the two disliked genres grow, but I still find 50% content that I can live with. More importantly, there is still a good and varied mix of artists represented.

From 00-03, the mix of artists plummet, and I like about 20% of the music represented.

From 04-07, I like about 2% of the music presented.

What's weird is when you compare the Top 100 singles to the Top 100 albums and the Top 100 tours.

Take this year. Rock groups DOMINATE the top 100 tours. R&B barely scratches the surface. Rock is also well represented in the top 100 albums, taking about 50% of the slots. However, rock does not show up on the singles charts. The R&B singles chart looks almost the same as the Pop singles chart.

What gives? I'll put my money on one damned corrupt radio system that is gamed to give a handful of artists.

On the bright side, I saw a few acts that actually caught my attention. I actually HEARD Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl." It's a good pop track. It actually deserves to be called apop track. We had a couple kid acts break mainstream with Mylie Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. I don't like their styles, particularly, but they at least have VERVE, which is depserately missing from today's music scene.

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