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Bat Boy

The expedition to Bat Boy was successful. Myself, Chris, and TIm all made the treck down to 1333 P. St. NW. I was expecting to see this play in a theatre. I was wrong. We saw it in the parking garage next door. No, I am not joking.

If Roger Corman were to write a musical by stealing from Shakespeare, the Greek Tragedies, and every lame plot ever invented, putting them into a purator, then serving piping hot, you would get Bat Boy. It was definitely a "B" musical, which put it on its strogest footing. It wasn't a Broadway show and never pretended that it was.

The redhead playing the daughter was just gorgeous. Too cute! She reminded me of Melanie, Brian's fiance. She's this way-cute redhead, too. They were built about the same. There were also quite a few lookers in the audience. I must definitely do more plays. South Pacific is now a must. I should also see Chicago while it's in the theatres.

Following Bat Boy, we caught dinner in an Ethiopian restaurant next door. We had lamb and chicken. All very good. The infamous Ethiopian bread was more a big ass crepe. I also ordered some Ethiopian honey wine. Yummy.

I didn't feel like going home after dinner. I picked up some batteries for the digital camera and walked up Connecticut. I took many pictures, which to my surprise, actually came out okay. Maybe I'll post some. Or I'll just keep teasing. Who knows? I wound up in Cleveland Park, caught a cider in Nanny O'Brien's, then metroed home by 8:30.

The girl watching on the way home was likewise very nice. I was temped to follow one brunette home from the CVS, but most girls don't like handsome strangers following them home and telling them how lovely they are, just to get sex.

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