Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


A few months back, I talked about my writing, and how it was too dialog intensive. Now that I have a few more months of writing under my belt, I can say with no small doubt that that little fact has had a tremendous impact on my writing.

Not only has my rate of product increased with the change of my style, but the writing itself has become far, far easier. I am easily writing the best first draft prose of my life. On rereading, I am proud of what I have composed, even if it needs rewriting. (Most everything that I write needs rewriting.) I am no longer suffering through the gaps.

The second largest change in my writing came when I edited out the main character's weapon and embraced pacifism. That may see like a small change, but the entire story revolves around that. That's the difference between and adventure novel and drama. Adventured dwell around the fight and revel in it. Fights are key to adventure. However, fights are overwhelming in drama. In drama, the situation matters more than the solution.

Between these two things, I am writing an entirely new story. I have no regrets cutting everything past the first chapter. That is the best damned thing that I did with this story.

I still had to write everything to get here.

"What's going on" remains my achilles heel. In the midst of all that prose, I still need a story. That's still a toughie for me.

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