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I hang out with lots of people over the years. I often kept relatively quiet, as I could not keep up with the conversation. Film is a great example of a place where I could not keep up. I watch some film, but not much. It was only the Spagetti Night years where I saw any notable measure of film. This year, two of my film friends are keen to watch hundreds of films (pulpjunkie  and kittykatya , I choose you!). Wow. No wonder I can' t keep up. Not only am I not in the league, I don't know where the stadium is!

I'm not poo-pooing my friends. They greatly enjoy their hobby, and I greatly enjoy learning about film from them. There just comes the time when the sheer MAGNITUDE hits me. There's a reason that I can't keel up! For us, watching a season of Dr. Who takes three months. If we cranked and ignored all other media, we might hit fifty films in a year. This year should be easier for film, but I don't see us hitting twenty films for the entire year.

Maybe we can catch up with last year.

I really can't tsk-tsk their choice of hobbies. My game playing and my wiki editing used to suck down 3-4 hours a night. At that rate, I could crank through 1-2 films a day, easy. However, these hobbies really don't translate well into general conversation. "Hey, how about that HTML use in MediaWiki..." That, and somebody has to show  me those films that I have never seen.


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