Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cleaning and Arranging

This weekend is dedicated to cleaning, picking up, and reorganizing.

So far, I've ripped apart two rooms. Lots more to go.

The living room has compounded itself as Jen a decision point on the living room and the bathroom. What we have isn't working well enough, or at all. A trip to the Container Store's Elfa sale has solved that issue. I am putting up the rails as we speak. From there, we get to put things away into a new configuration.

The rule for the cleanup is "good cleanup." By that, anything that needs cleaning up should be put away properly, disposed of properly, or otherwise have all appropriate decisions made about it. That makes things slower, but should provide us with a far better outcome.

One of my goals is to remove as much cat dander and mold and mildew as possible. With all the sinues issues that happened in the house lately, I want to focus on general air quality as much as possible.

I still need to get better filters for the furnace. That should help a great deal.

Hers Truly has responded well to the cleaning. She has been "sweeping" and otherwise "helping." This means that we can spend more time cleaning while she is around. Cool.

One reason that I don't believe in educational toys is that there is SO MUCH education that must happen that educational toys get in the way. Forget the ABC's. Dusting, vacuuming, and washing windows is just as educational. No toys needed.

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