Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The holidays got off to a slow start with all the sickies in the house. Wife is better. Hers Truly is much better. Cat is much better, but with a twist in that subplot left unresolved.

We flew down to Austin last Saturday to visit Jen's family reunion. Her close family has been having wacky medical issues as well. One half-brother had pancreitis (sp?), and her niece had a kinked intestine that had to get worked out.

The flights down and back went very well. Hers Truly behaved beautifully.

We stayed with her Aunt Marlo and Uncle Bean. (As Hers Truly said, Aunt Milo and Uncle Bean.) We spent most of our time there visiting various houses, or just visiting family. Jen has some truly tremendous family. They are good people all-around.

We had to pack up early yesterday to drag our sorry butts home.

We are VERY GLAD to be home. Home is a good place.

While we were up at BWI, we took a swing place my old stomping ground there, just to see how the old house was doing up there. Ah, the land where you can accomplish a left turn. I had forgotten that such mythical places existed.

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