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Christmas Letter

Christmas Letter 2008

Happy holidays again everyone. The Milewski family has had another highly successful year.

Our year began in Florida, as we spent New Year's with the Donaldson clan. Much good visiting happened with Bob, Sally, Mark, and Ryan. We visited many theme parks and ate far too much good food. Our only complaint was that the winter weather followed us down south. Hers Truly's first amusement park ride was the Dr. Seuss carousel. However, she could not ride the up-and-down animals because she was not wearing any shoes. (It did not matter that her daddy was holding her. You must wear shoes, even if you are ten months old and being carried by your daddy.)

Our June vacation this year took us to Quebec, Canada. We spent a leisurely week near St. Raymond in a "log cabin" with more folks on Jenny's side of the family: Judy and Ed, John and Qu Li, and Anna. To our great credit, we accomplished almost nothing while there, and did our best to take naps every afternoon. We did take a day to visit Quebec City. Little did we know that our day for leaving coincided with Quebec's 400th anniversary air show. It was a good thing we left for the airport early, because 15,000 other people were going there, too.

September took us to Gettysburg, where, joined again by Judy and Ed, we visited Doug's parents, Vince and Arline, and toured the battlefield together.

Hers Truly has come a long way in just a year. Last January, she cruised but did not walk. She said "mama" and "dada" and "baa". Now she is standing precariously in the rocking chair and climbing dangerously across pieces of furniture. She has mastered the phrase, "All Done," applying it cleverly to all situations, especially when you are doing the wrong thing. She has just began applying two-word phrases like mad. At this particular moment, she is enthralled with Sergeant Murphy (from the Richard Scarey books) and Peter Rabbit.

Hers Truly began walking around the middle of May. By the time that we visited Canada, she was toddling about like a trooper, taking us on longer expeditions. During July and August, her favorite game was demanding the keys for the car. She loved spending after-dinner playtime crawling around her daddy's car, messing up all the mirrors, and generally pushing every button possible.

In September, Hers Truly demanded "gup." Not knowing what "gup" was, her daddy let her lead the way. She lead him on a six block epic journey, winding up at the park. From then on, she walked daddy to the gup every day after supper, although the walks themselves became increasingly rambling and leisurely.

Hers Truly still loves butterflies. She visited the butterfly show at Brookside Gardens three times during the summer, loving each trip. Doug photographed the butterflies during one trip and made her a calendar as a Christmas present.  (See

Jenny has kept herself busy. Besides caring for Joy, she has, once again, led our foray into seasonal foods with the Sandy Springs CSA. She has volunteered to write their weekly newsletter, letting the other CSA members know what good food is coming to them that week. (See her blog at Meanwhile, her stepfather Ed is coming up on 80 years old. For his birthday, he has requested that Jenny write him a novel. She has a long way to go and she better get there.

Doug has been attacking all sorts of projects all year long. He started a to-do list and has eliminated 120 items off that list so far. Doug is still working on his photography. By selling off his unwanted possessions on eBay, he has raised enough money to buy a second-hand Canon Rebel XT. He is also working on a "short" novella writing project which is on its fourth draft and tenth month with no end in sight.

Squirrel the cat remains with us. He has slowly accepted the new member of the family, even if Hers Truly's tail grabbing does hurt his pride. Once he learned that she walked on two legs, he figured out what the heck she was. He has improved as a hunter, and is now able to catch squirrels while belled. (Yes, he is now a ninja-cat master.) At best guess, we now think he's a Siberian.

For the year coming up, we have few plans. If all goes well, we should have a proper vegetable garden this year to replace this year's surprise garden. With avante-garde flair, Hers Truly plans to redecorate the yard with brightly colored toys.

Happy holidays to all.

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