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I've been a fan of Heather Nova for quite a while. (Gotta love a voice where you some times can't tell if it is her or a synth.) She has a good quote for her latest album, The Jasmine Flower.

I played around a lot over the last 2 years with different sounds and ideas, but in the end I decided I wanted to make my most stark record to date, so I recorded the songs with just me and my guitar. Afterwards we added a string quartet to a few tracks.I have a home studio here in Bermuda, but when I was ready to put down the tracks, the whole thing started breaking down first the mixing desk then the computer itself died. I was very 'in the zone' to record and didn't want to wait what could be weeks for all new gear to arrive, so I decided it was a lesson in simplicity. I realized I could still record and mix the album on my solar powered laptop. So there you have it that's all you need to make a great sounding album. Sun and songs. I think the songs must be good, because most of them make me feel pretty uncomfortable, which is a sign that I have plumbed the depths and dug for truth, no matter how unsettling. - Heather Nova. Sony. 2008.

There are times when I get jaded with the music industry. When I see quote like that, there's hope. Maybe, just maybe, this Berlin Wall of Sound will crumble.


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