Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Update on the Children

The girl had a rough night last night. Jenny took the brunt of waking up. I took this brunt of this morning.

Hers Truly loves her nunny, EXCEPT when it is the temperature nunny. "No time" she says, letting us know that this is not the time for that nunny.

(A Nunny is a brand of pacifier. More specifically, a nunny is a nunny, like an apple is an apple. What else do you call these things? I grew up calling them nunnies. Everyone in my family knows what a nunny is. Other folks? They get confused. Let me also say, my little girl can say "nunny" like a champ, but can't say "pacifier" to save her life. Thus, nunny wins as the vernacular, and pacifier loses.)

The His Purriness will go to the vet this morning to have his sneeze examined.

Hopefully we get to the family Christmas on Sunday. We'll see how everyone is feeling. New Jersey Christmas may need to be postponed. It all depends on how the little girl fares.

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