Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Reading Surprise

Hers Truly was a bit off yesterday. While reading before bed, she got sick. Surprise! At least it wasn't a library book. We got her changed, then I put her bed. She was gone on hitting the mattress.

The whole house now has round #2 of feeling badly. Hopefully this passes quickly.

We hunkered down and got the Christmas cards stuffed and mutilated. They should go out tomorrow. I amused myself by putting on Christmas tunes and turning on my screen saver. I watched all my pics from the last ten years or so parade across my screen. I have certainly progressed in photographic skill. I like my black and whites. The whole slideshow and music thing went very well until the cat relocated from my lap to my laptop keyboard, which both stopped the music and cleared the slideshow.

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