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I am in the middle of "Hair". As best as I can tell, it's the tale of a decent guy from Kansas who is about to go into the Army. He goes to New York, meets up with four dick-headed hippies and a floozy of a hippyette. They do some stupid stuff. He goes into the army. When he's about to leave, the most dick-headed of his hippy friends cuts his hair then, then substitutes himself for his decent Kansas friend. Then there's the HAPPY ending, where they are singing over the dead hippy's grave. Couldn't of happened to a better guy. (I wish I could have pulled the trigger myself.)

Full scathing review when I am done watching the film.

Hair takes place in NYC. That's yet another musical in New York. Yay. (Add that to Annie Get Your Gun, On The Town, 42nd Street, Guys and Dolls, Annie, Mame, etc. This musical in New York theme is getting too easy. I'll have to make this, "New York films that HAVE to take place in New York." That is, if you change the locale, you've changed the character of the narrative. For instance, Hair could be anywhere, but Annie could only be in NYC.)

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