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The Year in Music

Okay folks, time for a cut. Here's what I bought this year. It's a doozy. Things with *'s are particular favorites of mine. That's 159 little pieces of intellectual property.

Year in Music - 2002

*All Girl Summer Fun Band - AGSFB
Alphaville - The Singles Collection
Apples In Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution
April March - Sings With the Makers
*April March - Chick Habit
April March
*April March - Chronomancer Decoder
April March and Los Cincos
Azure Ray - November
*Azure Ray - Azure Ray
Asure Ray - Burn and Shiver
Babes in Toyland - Fontanelle
Bangs - Tiger Beat
*Beards - Funtown
Beat Happening (collection)
Beatles - Let It Be
Beatles - The Yellow Submarine
Beautiful South - Welcome to the Beautiful South
Berlin - Count Three and Pray
*Bionic Finger - Inner Bimbo
Bikini Kill - Reject All American
Bikini Kill - Pussy Whipped
Bikini Kill - The Singles
Bikini Kill - The CD Version of the First Two Records
Billy Bragg- England, Half English
Bis - Social Dancing
Bis - Intendo
Bis - The New Transistor Heroes
Bratmobile - Ladies, Women, and Girls
Bratmobile - Girls Get Busy
Bratmobile - The Real Janelle
Bratmobile - Pottymouth
Cadallaca - Out West
Cadillaca - Introducing Cadillaca
Charm - Even As We Speak
Charming - Chapagne and Magazines
Cherry Twister - At Home With Cherry Twister
Clash - London Calling
Clash - Super Black Market Clash
Clash - Combat Rock
Clash - The Clash
Cub - Mauler
Cub - Betti Cola
*Cub - Box of Hair
Don Dixon - Romeo at Juliard
Don Dixon - Notepad #38
Donnas - American Teenage Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine
Donnas - Get Skintight
Dressy Bessy - The California EP
Dressy Bessy - Sound Go Round
Dressy Bessy - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons
Elf Power - A Dream in Sound
Eddie From Ohio - Looking Out the Fishbowl
Eliza Carthy - Angels and Cigarettes
Essex Green - Everything Is Green
Field Mice - Where’e You Learn to Kiss That Way?
*Gaelic Storm - Herding Cats
Gaelic Storm - Gaelic Storm
Gaelilc Storm - Tree
Gentle Waves - The Green Fields of Foreverland
Gentle Waves - Swansong for You
*Go Sailor (collection)
Golden Palminos - A History (1982-1985)
Golden Palominos - A History (1986-1989)
Great Big Sea - Turn
Great Big Sea - Road Rage
Great Big Sea - Play
Great Big Sea - Great Big Sea
Great Big Sea - Sea of No Cares
Great Big Sea - Up
Great Lakes - Great Lakes
Heather Nova - South
Heavenly - Le Jardin de Heavenly
Heavenly - Operation Heavenly
Heavens to Betsy - Calculated
Huggybear - Weaponry Listens to Love
Ivy - Long Distance
Ivy - Guestroom
Jack Off Jill - Covetous Creature
Jack Off Jill - Clear Hearts Gray Flowers
*Jack Off Jill - Sexless Demons and Scars
*Josie Cotton - Convertable Music / From the Hip
Kendra Smith - Five Ways of Disappearing
Kloey Afterschool Special
L7 - Bricks Are Heavy
Ladybug Transistor - The Albemarl Sound
*Ladybug Transistors - Argyle Heir
Ladybug Transistor - Beverley Atonale
Le Tigre - From the Desk of Mr. Lady
Le Tigre - Remix
*Le Tigre - Le Tigre
Le Tigre - Feminist Sweepstakes
Lowen and Nevarro - Live Wire
Lowen & Nevarro - Scratch at the Door
Michelle Shocked - Deep Natural
Minders - Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends
Marine Research - Songs from the Gulf Stream
*Marti Jones - Unsophisticated Time
Marti Jones - My Tidy Doily Dream
Mary Z. Cox - Vintage Banjo
Muffs - Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow
Muffs - The Muffs
*Orchards and Vines - Tomorrow’s Yesterday
Pandoras - It’s About Time
Peter Case - Beeline
Peter Case - Thank You St. Jude
*Psychedelicate - Slumber Party
*Sarah Dougher - The Bluff
Sarah Dougher - Day One
Sarah Shannon - Sharah Shannon
Sissybar - Statutory Grape
*Sissybar - Songs for Peeps
Sleater Kinney - One Beat
Softies - Holiday in Rhode Island
Softies - The Softies
Softies - It’s Love
Softies - Winter Pageant
Slant 6 - Soda Pop * Rip Off
Sting - Mercury Falling
*Strawberry Switchblade (collection)
Strawberry Switchblade - The 12” Album
Suzanne Vega - Songs in Red and Gray
*Tiger Trap - Tiger Trap
Tin Machine
Thomas Dolby - Aliens Ate My Buick
Thomas Dolby - Angels and Heretics
Trembling Blue Stars - Dark Eyes EP
Trembling Blue Stars - Alive to Every Smile
Trembling Blue Stars - Broken By Whispers
Waterlillies - Envoluptuousity
Waterlillies - Tempted
White Stripes
World Party - Bang

Stars Kill Rock (Kill Rock Stars 1993 collection)
Kindercore Fifty
Alternative Summer (sampler)
Powerpuff Girls, Heroes and Villains
Classic Love Moods - (classical, 3 CD’s for $1)
The Hammonds Family

Broadway’s Carols for a Cure v.IV
Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas
A Chrismas Gift For You from Phil Spector


Teaching Miss Tingle (soundtrack)


Mame (broadway)
The Producers (broadway)
Grease (broadway)
Grease (1993 revival)
Grease (film soundtrack)
My Fair Lady (broadway)
The Pajama Game (broadway)
Cabaret (broadway)
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (M. Broderick staging)
The Sound of Music (broadway)
Fiddler on the Roof (broadway)
Lil Abner (broaday)
Forever Plaid (broadway)
Purlie (broadway)
Batboy: the Musical (off broadway)


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