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My little Christmas dinner turned out okay. The Matar Paneer was peas and cheese cubes. I put that over brown rice. I fried the veggie burger mix in little balls. Put that all together, and that was dinner.

For dessert, my choices were a bit limited. I looked at a pudding, but I ate my last two eggs for breakfast. Stumped, I went back to the fridge. I took out an apple, chopped it up, topped it with chopped almonds and honey, then tossed in about five cloves for aroma. Put that into a microwave in a covered bowl, and kazaam, instant dessert. Needed a bit more honey, but it is certainly tasty. It's still a little too hot to eat.

Wish I had some ice cream to go with it. That would be fab.

For breakfast, I felt more traditional. I ate two fried eggs, over easy, a grapefruit, toast with peanut butter and honey (thanks Mauzy), and coffee with a wee bit of chocolate for texture. At time, it looked as if I would make it to Baltimore.

I talked to Dad. He doesn't remember well the last time that we had a white Christmas. 30-35 years ago, maybe. It's a rare event around here. Normally, Christmas is just bitterly cold with a steady wind.

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