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Christmas Challenge

Christmas seems a bit snowed out this year. Imagine the irony! The ice bothers me more than the snow, though. I can handle snow. It's the ice that'll kill you. Even more so, it's someone else's inability to handle the ice that will kill you even more dead.

I love old movies on Christmas morning. Blame that on Laurel and Hardy, and Babes In Toyland. I watched Auntie Mame, a heartwarming story of an eccentric and all those stuffy fuddy-duddies that make the world a bland place. (This makes me think of a film festival theme, too. Parties in New York. We have Auntie Mame, Breakfast At Tiffany's, and some other films which I don't recall right now. If you recall them, please comment.)

Dinner is the challenge now. This is my FIRST Christmas dinner by myself, AND the first where I've made dinner. (I've always gone over a relatives house). What can I do with veggie burger mix, some Panar Paneer (spinach and cheese cubes), mixed veggies, honey cake mix, rice of various kinds, and so forth? Hmmm. Given my good cooking ability by my amazing cooking misjudgement, I think a fiasco will be in order. And it will be the BESTUS Christmas dinner fiacso EVER.

Maybe a white Christmas is what I've always needed.

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