Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We have gone through weaning, and it was low-key.

Jenny took the stand, "If she asks, she gets milk." Over the last few months, the girl has wanted it less and less. Not insignificant was the introduction of cookies to bedtime. Hers Truly began asking for cookies rather than milk all on her own. This was her sign to me that the end was drawing nigh.

Cookies for bedtime also meant that either of us could put the girl to bed with equal ease. That made Jenny's ability to nip out at night much easier. There were no logistical hassles in preparing bottles.

Last week, Jenny closed the pumps. That was followed by the day-of-ouchies-without-end. (Yes, the day was that rediculously rediculous.) Each ouchie resulted in cries for milk. "Ba" in the local lingo. We got through that day. Since then, things have gone fairly easy.

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