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Merry Christmas

I made it over to the mall. How should I say it? It was disappointing. I've seen busier crowds on a Saturday afternoon. There were some lines, like at the music store, but all in all it wasn't that bad.

While at the music store, I picked up a CD lense cleaner. The car CD player has been skipping. Rather than assume the thing has gone bad, I decided that $14 was a good stab at un-skippiness. I think it's done the trick. I didn't skip all the way home. The test will be my drive up to my sister's house tomorrow. That's an hour each way.

I also did some window shopping while at the mall. Well, more girl watching that window shopping. I'm not sure if those low cut pants are terrific or hideos. I saw a few goth chickies, who were quite sweet. What is it with purple and black striped stockings? I dunno. I'm just a sucker. The asian girl watching was particularly good.

We've had flurries.

I dropped off at Staples and picked up a six-drawer stackable unit. I put all the arty stuff from my basement into it. Yay. My arty stuff now has a home. Not only that, it was 1/3 off!!! $19 bucks!!!

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