Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Auctions and PCs

Today's pen auctions went far better than I expected. My Esterbrook bodies (non-working pens without nibs) went for $64. The Parker 21's went for $26. The 51 went for $45. The Parker 51 sold for under what I paid for it. My local pen dinks taught me a lesson: know your pen BEFORE you walk into their store. Not a bad lesson, really, and cheaper than most. Pen Haul: $135.

I still have my nice Pelican plunger, my trusty Parker 21, and a few other school-level pens.

I've begun buying computer parts for the new PC. This weekend, I picked up the hard drive, DVD, and the Case.

A primary goas was to limit the space of the PC, so it is a matx case. The other factor is noise. I am shopping for low-noise equipment.

This will be a non-flashy PC. A case should neither be seen nor heard.

The price has crept upward, so I am very glad that I just made a nice penny off the pens. I'll be spending an extra $20 to get a triple-core AMD.

My buying an selling habbits have set off the Nanny-Meter for my debit card. I need to get that "service" cancelled. I set up my debit account in order to do less-safe transactions. I don't want to be kept safe from those transactions, thank-you-very-much.

Note to self: Remember to download x64 version of Linux.

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