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I have the sad misfortune of driving by a shopping district on the way home. In this regard, Christmas Sucketh. Where I normallly have busy but navigable roads, instead I had long backups as hoards descended upon the malls.

I shall descend upon a mall tomorrow. I do not plan to shop. I to intend to people watch, just to see what mall full of holiday shoppers looks like. I have never braved a mall on the day before Christmas, so I think that this is a wonderful time to do so.

Work continues unabated, and forcasts predict no easing.

I am fairly decided on getting myself a flat screen for Christmas. I can wait until the masses have finished massing. The current screen jiggles a whole lot. I have poor power in my house. All my screen and the TV all jiggle about. The monitor will be expensive. Thinking about the TV gives me headaches. That's alotta money, people. With the digital standard being the way that it is (up in the air and subject to revision), I am not too keen on spending lots for a TV.

New screen. Then new computer. Then, *gasp*, I will break down and play an online game ... Star Wars Galaxies. I'm sure THAT will induce failing grades.

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