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What, am I the last person on earth to be here?

Okay, I keep looking at friends and friends of friends, and keep finding people who are my friends, or at least acquantances. Sheesh!!!! Am I slow on this technilogical uptake or what??? I've added more people, still. Eventually I will get to the point where people must go. I'll do a little reading every day, but the essay-maniacs will have to go. However, until that time approaches, I'll keep hanging.

I signed up for an Introduction to Psychology. Tuesdays, from 6:30-9:10. That starts.... ummm... next week. Sept. 3. I will see if I like this field of study. If I do, oh boy, that's a long trip to another degree. Fortunately, I work in a research institution, so if I want to go into research.wowzie, I get to start off right. Until then, I have my fun playground. We're putting in a molecular imaging lab. I haven't learned too much from the scientists yet, but I hope to play on the toys and do all kinds of basic support.

I had hoped to put more stuff on the floor today. No dice. I don't have enough light. The only way that you can work with polyurathane is if you have enough light. That puts a bit of a stickle into my plans. Meanwhile, my bedroom is full of the books that should be in my living room. I hope that I don't trip and break something.

I found out today that I can upgrade to Mac OS 10.2 for only $20. Whohooo. I gotta get me some. :)

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