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Vagabond Weekend

Damn if I don't feel like I wasted another day.

I did get on a ladder and clean the leaves out of the gutters. After waiting for a long time, the ground was dry enough for the ladder, and the weather was nice enough for me. The leaves by the curb, which should have been picked up weeks ago, are now mulching by the curb. I have no clue whether the county will ever pick them up.

I spent far too much time playing Wild Arms 3 this weekend. I am now up to a point where I have found the most aggrivating dodge-puzzle ever made. First off, you have to weave your character through bubbles that do nasty things to you. That's aggrivating. Not only that, the bubbles teleport you and force you into combat. That's a complete pain in the ass. On top of that, the puzzle if very twichy and timing oriented. For the first 40 tries or so, I survived about 3-4 seconds per attempt. The penalty for each failed attempt is 2-3 minutes of fighting and travellings. That's a PAIN IN THE ASS. I figured out that rebooting was faster than doing the fights. I am really, really, really going to hate this room by the time that I am done. Heck, I hate it now. BAD DESIGN.

I dig a little into Python today. I'm attemtping to translate a few Perl scripts that I wrote for assembling my PDF music books. Every time that I reinstall the system, I hose it all up. Well, I am tring it yet again. I want to learn Python anyway.

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