Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I've not posted for a bit.

We visited my cousin last Saturday. She held her graduation/going away party. She joined the Peace Corps and is off to Guinea to teach English. She really is going off to the third world.

On Sunday, we had the family birthday parties.

Jen has been feeling poorish lately. She ran a fever over a few days. She's on the upswing.

I've had a foot problem flare up. The symptoms match a well known foot problem. The solution: new shoes. So I now have comfy new shoes.

I've sat down and made myself a to-do list. My ambitions are to cross things off of it, especially the hard things that I've been putting off. For example, I finally cleaned the gutters. Eeewww. You have no idea unless you've cleaned a gutter. Several of our gutters were clogged. Even with the protective screens, they were clogged.

Hers truly has been wandering up a storm. Lately she has begun stringing words together into pairs. I do hear the occasion "my dadda."

Bath time degenerated into tears time. In the end, we changed the way that Hers Truly gets her hair washed, and we instituted BUBBLE BATH time. She also loves the naked romp after bubble bath. If she was good on potty, a naked romp is OK. Otherwise, a naked romp is a ticking timebomb.

The novella is now over the hump. I keep reworking the last few sections, but I think that I'm down to the home stretch. I want to clear the novella out so that I can work on some self-published 4e material or articles for submission.

The branch finally got cleaned out of the yard. The tree guy looked at it, scratched his head, walked around, and scratched his head more. It was in a doozy of a place.

The neighbor's house and gone to foreclosure. The idiots did not pay the mortgage as they attempted to sell the house. They were close to selling it, too.

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