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Tomorrow is another Holiday party at work. We are "requested" to bring presents for donationt o the hospital. I bought a dinosaur set. It's too cool. Not a single dinosaur would pass paleantological mustber, but it's still cool. It's cool jsut 'cause it's a bucket o' dinosaurs. Even more fun, I surprised the cashier at the toy store. I *gasp* paid in cash!!!

My contribution to the pot luck is yet more cucumbers and creme. Yum.

The brakes are squealing a bit. Irritating. I suspect that my brake job was not a class act.

The Ladybug Transistors are playing. "Argyle Heir." Very good. Very modern sounding in that 60's kinda way.

I usually think of very clever things to say during the day, but I forget them by the time that I get home and snuggled into bed. Did I say that I love my laptop recently? My iBook has been very good to me.

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